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Vinyl Clock - Burning Snow

Vinyl Clock - Burning Snow

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This Vinyl Clock is one of a kind. It is made from original vinyls, made and designed by German record artist Nico Michaelis. At "Vinyl Manufaktur" in Germany, Nico produces limited edition finishes of vinyls for musicians. Some records are turned into clocks and get a chance to decorate your home or office.

Quartz Clockwork. Needs AA battery (not included).

The hands are dismantled to not get damaged during shipping. They are easily put back in place by simply pushing them in.


Real vinyl (PVC), quartz clockwork

Shipping & Returns

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12 inch record

Care Instructions

Can be mounted on wall.
When attaching the hands, gently push in the hour hand, then the minute hand and (if applicable) the seconds hand last. There will be a gap between the handles and they slide in easily. No force should be used.

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