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Perpetua - The Lumina Pencil

Perpetua - The Lumina Pencil

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This pencil is made of Zantech®, an innovative material composed of 80% graphite powder - recovered from industrial production of electrodes and otherwise destined to landfills.

The luminescent rubber attracts and retains sunlight (or artificial light) and returns it in the dark with a gradually waning intensity.

Non-toxic and clean, it writes even without the tip and the FDA certified rubber is free of glues. It is molded directly with the graphite, not glued.

It has a flat side (grip control) which prevents it from rolling away.

Won't break if it falls (without the use of glues of protective coatings).

Doesn't dirty your hands.

Long lasting. Writes 20 times more compared to traditional pencils: 1120km.

Can be sharpened as other pencils but it writes even without the tip.

By using Perpetua you are disposing 15g of graphite otherwise destined to landfills.
No wood coating, thus no cutting down trees.

100% made in Italy.


Zantech®, an innovative material composed of 80% graphite powder.

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