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Lumo Casa

Wine Preserver

Wine Preserver

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The Lumo Casa Wine Preserver extracts air from open bottles and creates an airtight vacuum that slows the oxidation process responsible for flavor deterioration. With fresh, full flavor for at least 2 weeks, there’s no need to see wine go to waste again. The Wine Preserver works just as well preserving olive oils and balsamic vinegar.

The Wine Preserver includes wine vacuum pump and 2 push-button wine stoppers.


The wine pump is made of corrosion-resistant solid zinc alloy, known for its strong, smooth and shiny surface. The wine stoppers are made of ABS and silicon, offering durability and resistance to chemical and fungal buildup.

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Wine preserver height: 15cm (5.9").

Care Instructions

Each wine stopper uses a valve that provides a vacuum seal, completely preventing any leakage and allowing you to store bottles horizontally. The wine stoppers fit most bottles and they’re also dishwasher safe.

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