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Sophie's Snowflake Earrings

Sophie's Snowflake Earrings

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The recycled tin in this unique piece has quite some history. Originally being a four gallon "Imperial Gasoline Can", it was flattened and repurposed into a tin roof for a log cabin in the 1920's. After a long life as a tin roof, the cabin underneath it gave in and had to be dismantled. But the tin roof still had lots of life in it and the artist decided to repurpose it once more into these beautiful jewelry pieces.

This naturally makes the "Old Tin Roof" collection limited - until all the roof is being repurposed.

Handcrafted in the Yukon, Canada.


Copper, recycled antique tin, sterling silver.
The "antique tin" has been assayed and test results meet the Government of Canada's Health and Safety Standards.

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2.9 cm textured copper snowflake resting on a flat 2.9 cm recycled antique tin triangle.
Sterling silver ear-wires.

Care Instructions

Store in dry place.
Copper polishing trick: Mix 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp of flour with 1 tsp of vinegar until it becomes a thick paste. Buff the paste onto the copper jewellery until it shines. Rinse and buff to dry off.

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