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Pillar Candles - White

Pillar Candles - White

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These beautifully handmade candles come with a feather, a symbol that inspired the artist to make cement containers that wrap like a painted canvas around her candles. Though large in size, the candles truly feel like their floating in the wind like a feather.

White works in any kind of space and is our Christmas and summer favorite.

Includes three pillar candles (14oz, 12oz, 10oz).

Scent: Essence of the Ocean

Handmade in Canada.


Cement container, paraffin wax, fragrance oils.

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Three sizes:
14oz (21.5 x 7.3cm),
12oz (15 x 7.3cm),
10oz (12.5 x 7.3cm)

Care Instructions

Trim wick to approx. 1/4" before lighting. This will extend the life of your candle.
Let candle burn to the edges for the first time.
Do not burn for more than 4 hours each time.

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