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Headband - Kuisti Omni

Headband - Kuisti Omni

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A Myssy headband isn't just any headband. Made from 100% organic Finnsheep wool, the finest wool on the planet. Similar in softness to Merino, the fiber's overlapping scales point inward, making the yarn particularly soft.

Hand knitted in Finland by "Myssy Grannies". These ladies have a passion for sustainable and slow fashion and are the best of the best at knitting.
Each hat is signed by the Myssy Grannie who made it and comes with a lifetime warranty.


100% organic Finnsheep wool.

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One Size. Fits well for hat sizes 54 to 59 cm.
All Myssy hats/headbands should feel a little tight in the beginning; the hat adjusts to the size and shape of your head within the first week of use.

Care Instructions

Wool is a natural material that keeps itself clean. The lanolin - wool’s grease - naturally repels both dirt and water, hence it is not necessary to wash your Myssy garments. 
If you wish to wash it, handwash with mild (wool) detergent. Lay flat to dry. Do not wash in washing machine, even in wool setting. Colored products are hand-dyed.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it

Always wear this when on a run in the colder winter days. Doesn't feel scratchy and keeps my ears warm. I love that it shapes itself to your head shape. Something only a truly natural product will do. So happy we have Myssyfarmi products in Canada now! I've seen them on my European friends and always wanted one!