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Beeswax Food Wrap Set - Pink Floral

Beeswax Food Wrap Set - Pink Floral

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Each reusable Beeswax Wrap is made individually by hand in small batches. From the washing and cutting of the cotton, to waxing piece by piece, to folding and packaging.

The average person uses over 2000 square feet of plastic every year. In addition to reducing the use of plastic, an added bonus of these wraps is that they will actually keep your food fresh for longer.

Complete the set with single Beeswax Wraps, a Swedish Dishcloth or a Bread Bag Set. Add them to one of our wooden boards for the perfect housewarming, wedding or Christmas gift!

Made in Canada.


100% Cotton | Canadian Beeswax | Tree Rosins | Jojoba Oil

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Set of 3 Includes
Large 11x14" | Medium 10x10" | Small 6x9"

Care Instructions

- Simply wipe with a damp cloth, or rinse in cool soapy water by hand. Cold water will enhance the longevity of the wraps. Do not use hot water.

- Do not microwave.

- When covering a hot dish, let it cool to room temperature before covering it with your beeswax wrap.

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