Myssyfarmi - Luxury wool products from Finland

It's not cool. It's warm.
Myssy Farmi's slogan says a lot about the company from Pöytyä, Finland. They have made it their mission to revive the Finnish wool industry and change the "speed" of the fashion industry. "Fashion doesn't get slower than this".
Everything is produced locally and designed to last a lifetime. Which is why every Myssy product comes with a lifetime warranty.
The wool is sourced from local finsheep, the rarest of all sheep. Similar in softness to Merino, the fiber's overlapping scales point inward making the yarn particularly soft.
More than 60% of Finnish wool is currently burned as waste due to the low market value of untapped business opportunities. Myssyfarmi is here to change that!

The wool is washed and spun in the few spins left in Finland.
Colored products are died on the Myssy Farm by hand using low-acid colors and citric acid, keeping the colors bright. It’s a slow and laborious process that results in particularly soft yarn and exceptionally vibrant colors.

In order to guarantee the organic status of all Myssy products, traceability and transparency of the wool production are important steps in the process. The wool is purchased directly from EU Certified Organic farms monitored by Finnish officials.
No toxic processing inputs or other harmful chemicals are used in the production, storage, or handling of Myssyfarmi yarns.

Lanolin is the natural grease that keeps wool soft, skin friendly and naturally water and dirt resistant. In normal wool to yarn production, it is often chemically separated and sold to the cosmetic industry. Myssyfarmi reserves these natural properties through the production process by handling and washing the wool very gently. Whereas raw wool contains about 20% of lanolin in its weight, Myssy yarns contain it about 5%. That gives the Myssyfarmi products it's natural wool smell.

Finnsheep are known for their incredibly soft wool that is light in weight yet dense. These sheep have an exceptionally wide color spectrum: white, brown and black wool can be mixed, making seven great natural colors used in Myssy's products.